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The European Commission Project Officer requested additional information about delayed milestones and deliverables. We have contacted the responsible partners and today we have submitted the updated periodic report. Thank you all for your contributions.

Will be in touch about any queries and periodic payment.

Kind regards



Thank you all for submitting the periodic reports for the first 18 months for ECLAIRE project. The consolidated activity report and financial report have now been sent to the European Commission and we are awaiting for comments from the Project Officer.

We will be in touch if anything needs to be adjusted/corrected.

Kind regards

Agnieszka & Clare



Email sent to partners on the 27 March 2013

Dear PI,

With the end of March we are approaching the end of first ÉCLAIRE reporting period (first 18 months). We need to start thinking about reporting to the European Commission at this point. Please see below the list of requirements for this reporting round. Generally speaking a lot of information will be submitted through the Participant Portal, to which you need to log in – and go to ‘my projects’, then ‘reporting and deliverables’ and ‘financial reporting’.

Deadline: 19 April 2012

1.    For Component Leaders – please supply an overview of the work done in the last 18 months using a TEMPLATE which will be sent by Clare later on.

2.    For all PIs – please provide (online) a list of publications that relate to the project,  completed in the last 18 months (please log into the Participant portal – my projects – Reporting & Deliverables – Publications)

3.    For all PIs – please provide (online) information on dissemination activities that you were involved in during the last 18 months of the project – this includes: conferences, workshops, press releases, presentations, posters, videos (please log into the Participant portal – my projects – Reporting & Deliverables – Dissemination Activities)

4.    For all PIs/finance officers – please provide information on the man-months spent on various activities using the attached TEMPLATE, please fill out information in the sheet marked in red

5.    For all PIs/finance officers – please fill out the financial statement for your institution, in which you show the accumulated costs in the last 18 months and requested contribution from the Commission (please log into the Participant portal – my projects – Financial Reporting – link to your own institution’s financial statement)

6.    For all PIs/finance officers – please provide information on the use of resources, whilst filling out your Form C – after putting in figures in each of the cost field, a pop-up window will ask for details of the costs, please provide a short description of the major cost items and also list of Work Packages on which the costs were committed). After this is done, please press ‘ready for signature’ – which will send a notification to your persons authorised to sign Forms C. When he/she is happy, they electronically sign  & submit the Form C to the Coordinator.

Apart from the information described above, we are looking for updates on deliverables and milestones which were due in the first 18 months. The relevant  responsible persons have already been contacted. I would appreciate if you could send the completed deliverables (in the template I provided) as soon as you can, so that we can upload them into the Participant Portal. You will notice when you log into the Participant Portal that there are links to deliverables on the left hand side – please do not make any changes there, this will be updated by us from the information you provide by email

      For those who were involved in reporting in FP6 (projects like NitroEurope) – you will notice a difference in the following: no paper copies of any documents are required and no management report requested.

      In terms of the Amendment on the Electronic-only submission of Forms C – we need agreement from all Partners to progress with that. Once we reach that point, we will start the official amendment process with the Commission. What you will need to do as a Partner is:

1.    LEAR nominates FSIGN (persons authorised to sign Forms C) in Participant Portal. Please go to ‘organisation roles’ and nominate a person there (one or more than one).

2.    Participant Contact assigns an FSIGN to the project (from the list nominated by LEAR) in the ‘my projects’ tab.

            Then the finance officer/Pi will fill out the Form C and press ‘ready for signature’, which will send a notification to FSIGN. FSIGN electronically signs & submits Form C to the coordinator.

 As a general note – the reporting period finishes on the 31st March, so please collect financial data (costs, man-months) only after the period ended, to make sure that we include all        costs associated with that period.

We attach the following documents for your attention:

a)    Guidance notes on project reporting

b)    Electronic-only submission of FP7 forms C

c)    Template for budget vs actual man months for the last 18 months (please fill it out and send back to me).

 We hope this doesn’t seem too complicated. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Email sent to Component Leaders on the 27/03/13


Dear All

As you will know the reporting period for the first 18 months of the ECLAIRE project starts on the 1st April. Agnieszka has sent you details regarding reporting by partner (financial information and effort by WP) and this email contains information for the ‘Project Report’ (which is similar to the ‘Activity Report’ used in FP6).

The ‘Project Report’ will be compiled here at CEH with the information that you provide to us, if you would like to see the report structure as a whole, then  please see the e-mail from Agnieszka which contains a reporting guidelines PDF.

I attach two templates – one for reporting at component level (CL) and one for reporting at workpackage level. Please send the templates to your workpackage leaders for return to you. After you have received these, please return BOTH a component level report and workpackage level reports for your component, to me by 19th April – to allow us time to collate the information, and get back to you with any queries, drafts etc.

If there have been any significant delays in the delivery of work within your component, please note these in the report (see further details in the template), and how any problems caused by this are to be resolved.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Template for Workpackage Leaders is attached below (eclaire Periodic Activity Template) - please remember that this needs to be returned to your COMPONENT leader, not Clare or Agnieszka.