TFIAM/NEBEI Joint workshop on valuation of damage to ecosystem services

A joint workshop between the Task Force on Integrated Assement Modelling and the Network of Experts on Benefits and Economic Instruments, on valuation of damage to ecosystem services will be held in Zagreb on the 24th and 25th October, at the same venue as the ECLAIRE 3rd GA. 

A joint session of this workshop and Component 5 will be held on the Thursday. The workhop will continue until around 3pm on the Friday, and ECLAIRE scientists are welcome to attend the Friday sessions. There is no cost for the workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to make an inventory of current practices in countries to value ecosystem degradation due to pollution and to identify the key parameters. The results will contribute to the update of the benefit assessment methodology used for European air pollution policies. 

If you are planning to attend the Friday sessions, please register for the meeting by filling out the form which is attached at the bottom of this page and send to Rob Maas at . Please note if you are planning to attend the 3rd GA AND the Friday sessions of the TFIAM/NEBEI workshop, you will need to register SEPERATELY for each meeting. 

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