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Deliverable numberDeliverable TitleWP numberLead beneficiaryPerson monthsNatureDissemination levelDelivery date mthStatus
D1.64 publications on integrated forest campaign11-NERC9RPU30Completed
D2.1Initial database of controlled emission measurements on soil and litter27-Juelich12OPU24Completed
D2.2Data on microbial N turnover and NO (N2O) and CO2 emissions from soils following re-wetting of dried soils for improving parameterization of models 27-Juelich1OPU24Completed
D2.3Assessment of primary and secondary BVOC exchange rates in controlled conditions under simulated climate change and pollution scenarios27-Juelich20RPU22Completed
D2.4Definition and improved parameterization of fluxes of BVOC under new environmental constraints and in relation to pollutants and endogenous induced emissions of NO and reactive oxygen species27-Juelich8RPU42 Completed
D2.5Manuscript on constitutive emission considered for ozone balance27-Juelich3RPU13Completed
D2.6Manuscript on stress induced emissions considered in ozone balance27-Juelich3RPU45Completed
D5.1Assessment of current GCMs and CTMS to reproduced recent trends models by comparison with selected observations511_JRC7RPU18Completed
D5.2Report describing the range of future evolutions of global, hemispheric and European O3, O3 precursors, and aerosol using a range of anthropogenic and natural emissions 511_JRC7RPU36Completed
D5.3Report describing the contributions of regions and processes on key environmental variables under future conditions511_JRC7RPU36Completed
D5.4Boundary conditions for regional conditions511_JRC7RPU24Completed
D6.3Sectoral emission profiles for selected source sectors and countries for application in local-to-regional scale models62_ULUND7.5OPU30Completed
D7.1Maps of current air pollution metrics (APMs) across Europe, from the EMEP model and five other CTMs in order to provide a best-estimate and uncertainty range on vegetation effects metrics76_met.no10RPU18Completed
D7.3Report on effects of in-canopy BVOC and NO emissions on in-canopy O3 and POD estimates 76_met.no10RPU44 Completed
D7.4Report on effects of changes in global climate, chemistry, emissions and landcover changes on APMs76_met.no10RPU48 Completed
D8.1Synthesis report on the different local scale models dealing with atmosphere-biosphere exchange and their relevance for describing the climate change / air pollution interactions88_ECN11RPU12Completed
D8.2Report on local scale interactions (and their variability) between air quality and climate change, based on modelling studies for selected regions in Europe88_ECN11RPU30Completed
D8.3 Concentration and deposition maps, for the regions mentioned above, at 5 x 5 km2, 1 x 1 km2, down to 50 x 50 m2 resolution for different components (e.g. NH3, NOx, O3) 88_ECN11RPU16Completed
D9.1Progress report on availability of data for use in Activities 3.4 and 3.591_NERC8RPU6Completed
D12.1Summary report describing key response parameters derived from empirical studies and suitable for use in the first phase of the ecosystem valuation work1212_SEI-Y, UoY6RPU12Completed
D12.4Final Report describing new dose-response relationships and novel thresholds1212_SEI-Y, UoY6RPU40Completed
D13.1Finalised list of models for use in C3, and list of data requirements for each model131_NERC10RPU6Completed
D13.3Report on performance of site-based and regional-scale models in tests against experimental site data, to inform large-scale model application in C4131_NERC9RPU24Completed
D13.4Report on assessment of the effects of combined air pollution and climate change scenarios on ecosystem C/GHG balance, soil quality and vegetation change at all experimental sites, based on integrated models131_NERC10RPU36Completed
D14.6Report on the comparison of regional-scale models applied on test sites in C3 with large-scale model runs1411_JRC15RPU40Completed
D14.7Report on ensemble application of DGVMs and DSVMs and intercomparison of model results on plant production/carbon sink strength in response to scenarios for the period 1900-21001411_JRC15RPU42Completed
D14.8Report on the impacts of historic and future changes (period 1900-2100) in climate, air quality and agricultural management on crop production1411_JRC15RPU44Completed
D16.2Map of critical ozone uptake thresholds at European scale1614_RIVM8RPU24Completed
D16.3Map of critical N loads based on an inverse VSD+-EUMOVE approach at European scale1614_RIVM8RPU34Completed
D16.4Map of critical N load and critical ozone uptake exceedances based on a comparison with EMEP model results1614_RIVM8RPU40Completed
D16.5Feedback from the GAINS model on the applicability of the newly acquired critical thresholds in scenario analysis"1614_RIVM8RPU36Completed
D17.3Assessments of the uncertainty of critical thresholds for N and their exceedances at the European scale (50 x 50 km) due to model resolution for the present period and for simple future climate/emission/land cover scenarios (where available)1723_UPM6RPU44 Completed
D18.1Report on existing applications of the ESA in Europe and prioritisation of ecosystems and ecosystem services for detailed assessment1834_EMRC5RPU12Completed
D18.3Elaboration of the modelling approach, to include illustrative applications1834_EMRC6RPU30Completed
D19.1progress report on the implementation of new effect indicators and critical thresholds in the GAINS modelling system1914_RIVM4RPU12Completed
D19.2Reporton the modelling system for the impacts assessment under ÉCLAIRE 1914_RIVM4RPU24Completed
D19.3Report on magnitude, location and robustness of assessments of adverse effects of GAINS scenarios1914_RIVM5RPU36Completed
D19.4Final report on the development, implementation and scenario application of methods and data to assess adverse effects1914_RIVM3RPU44Completed
D20.1Report from stakeholder workshop205_IIASA1RPU9Completed
D20.2Detailed description of model integration to establish 2050 scenarios205_IIASA4RPU14Completed
D20.3Detailed description of modelling system beyond 2050205_IIASA4RPU19Completed
D20.4Description of the consequences of management change as an adaptation strategy on the scenarios investigated204_ALTERRA4RPU22Completed
D20.5Preliminary report on cost optimization for 2050 scenarios204_ALTERRA4RPU28Completed
D20.6Assessment of sensitivities and uncertainties of the scenarios, considering the effects of management changes204_ALTERRA4RPU36Completed
D20.7Final cost optimization scenarios for 2050 and beyond205_IIASA3RPU44Completed
D20.8Policy recommendations and advice to other interest groups – joint report with D5.1.4205_IIASA1RPU48Completed
D21.10Database documentation and guides for users211_NERC1RPU8




Simple guide

D21.11First database report on intermediate and final database content, including QA/QC report 211_NERC3RPU13 Completed
D21.12Second database report on intermediate and final database content, including QA/QC report211_NERC3RPU25Completed
D21.13Third database report on intermediate and final database content, including QA/QC report 211_NERC3RPU37Completed
D21.14Final database report on intermediate and final database content, including QA/QC report 211_NERC3RPU49Completed
D22.1Annual progress report year 1221_NERC1RPU13Completed
D22.2Annual progress report year 2221_NERC1RPU25Completed
D22.3Annual progress report year 3221_NERC1RPU37Completed
D22.4Annual progress report year 4221_NERC1RPU49Completed
D22.5First periodic Gender Action report221_NERC0.25RPU19Completed
D22.6Second periodic Gender Action Report221_NERC0.25RPU37Completed
D22.7Final periodic Gender Action Report221_NERC0.25RPU49 Completed
D23.2First periodic report on training activities2323_UPM0.5RPU19Completed
D23.3Second periodic report on training activities2323_UPM1RPU37Completed
D23.4Final periodic report on training activities2323_UPM1RPU48 Completed
D23.6Report on ÉCLAIRE Summer School2323_UPM0.5RPU22Completed
D24.5First report to the GA on networking activities241_NERC1RPU18Completed
D24.6Second report to the GA on networking activities241_NERC1RPU36Completed
D24.7Final report to the GA on networking activities241_NERC1RPU48Completed
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