ECLAIRE Database and Data Management news

10th September 2014 Latest News:

1] ECLAIRE Component 1, time series data

     The EXCEL template underwent major revision following discussions at the ECLAIRE GA 2013. This meant that all data had to be re-entered on the new V7 template, and we had to re-define all the database forms. We converted all the original EXCEL data templates that we had already received from PIs, then sent the converted templates back to the PIs to enter the extra data required. Once PIs returned these amended templates, we uploaded them to the new version database forms.

     New V7 Data  from Castelporziano, Grignon, Ispra, Bugac, Petrodolinskoye, Posieux and Hyytiala are uploaded and are almost ready for use (hopefully before the ECLAIRE GA 2014).

    We are waiting for V7 data from Bosco Fontana (was Brecia), Auchencorth and Speulder

2] ECLAIRE Component 3, WP10 and WP11

     Bangor, Alp Flix, Curno, Santa Ollala (arable), Bonn, Brandbjerg have uploaded and data are validated and most data are available;

    Castelporziano had problems with their manipulation treatments in 2013, and will not be uploading data for WP10/WP11 this year. Instead they have uploaded data to the WP1 database form.

3] ECLAIRE Component 3, WP9

     The complete ACCESS database for WP9 is available with a user friendly "front end". It is available through the main ECLAIRE database. It is downloadable by running the Template report "Data Mining Report". Select the WP9 "site", and define a date range from 01/10/2013 to 31/10/2013. This will run the download, and will present a screen where you can select to download the ACCESS database.

4] ECLAIRE Component 1, WP1.4 Bosco Fontana data

     We are making progress with processing data and designing database forms for uploading these data. Please contact the CEH DM team if you need these data for modelling.