6th International Nitrogen Conference, Kampala, Uganda, 18-22 November 2013


Just Enough N:Perspectives on how to getthere for“too much” and “too little” Regions  


The International Nitrogen Initiative (INI), African Nitrogen Centre and the National Agricultural Research Laboratories of Uganda’s National Agricultural Research Organisation welcome scientists, agriculturalists, environmentalists, industrialists, economists, policy implementers and other practitioners to the 6th International Nitrogen Conference (N2013) to be held in Kampala, Uganda in November 2013. This is the 6th international conference after the successful and influential conferences in the Netherlands, USA, China, Brazil and India (see www.initrogen.org). The common objective of these conferences is the design of more productive, economic, and sustainable food and energy production systems to meet the challenges of the growing global population in a changing environment.

  Further Conference Information:


This circular and all updates on the Conference will be available on the Conference Website www.N2013.org

N2013 Conference Convener:

Prof. Mateete Bekunda

Coordinator, The African Nitrogen Centre


Conference Host:

National Agricultural Research Laboratories

The National Agricultural Research Organisation, Uganda

Contact Person:

Dr. Crammer K. Kaizzi





















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