Senior researcher working on 'Simulation of agri-environmental indicators with CAPRI', European Commission, JRC

Simulation of agri-environmental indicators with CAPRI


The Monitoring Agricultural ResourceS (MARS) Unit supports the management and control of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) including standard control methods of area based subsidies, compliance with environmental policies, crop yield forecasts and modeling impacts of climate change. A specific project works within the policy framework for integrating environmental concerns into agricultural policy.


We are looking for a senior researcher to contribute to the activities of policy driven quantitative analysis of agriculture on the agri-environment. The objectives are (i) to implement and update modules for quantifying agri-environmental indicators in the CAPRI model, considering interactions with other modules; (ii) to analyse policy and socio-economic scenarios on their agro-environmental impact; (iii) to help interfacing model results with models running at higher spatial resolution.

Required education level of potential candidates PhD in agricultural economics, agronomics or related fields and at least

10 years of research experience at post-doctoral level (or a minimum of

15 years research experience after the first university degree giving access to doctoral studies).

Candidates must have a background

Experience in the development and application of agro-economic models (e.g. CAPRI) is required. Profound knowledge of agri-environmental legislation in Europe is an asset. Excellent command of programming languages (e.g. GAMS) is essential. Experiences with methodologies for quantifying agri-environmental indicators are an advantage.

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