Greenhouse Gas Management in European Land Use Systems




Hot spots & hot moments of GHG fluxes

Attribution of GHG fluxes to natural and anthropogenic drivers

From plot to continental scale: data integration across scales

Towards Greenhouse gas management

Scientific Steering Committee:

B. Amiro (University of Manitoba, Canada), N. Buchmann (ETH Zurich, Switzerland),P. Ciais (CEA‐LSCE, France), H. Dolman (VUA, Netherlands),

A. Don (Thünen Institute, Germany), A. Freibauer (Thünen‐Institute, Germany),

B. Gielen (UA, Belgium), I. Janssens (UA, Belgium),A. Leip (JRC Ispra, Italy), P. Rayner (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Abstract submission:

01. March – 31. May 2013

Registration open:

15. June – 26. August 2013

(early bird registration until 15. July 2013




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