Job Offer post doctoral level at INRA


Simulating N2O emissions with the CERES-EGC model : calibration, improvement and validation using measurement data representative of typical French agricultural practices.


The recruited candidate will be based in the Environment and Arable crops unit (EGC) in Grignon and more precisely will be part of the biosphere-atmosphere research team which primarily focuses on the measurement and modelling of fluxes of green house gases and atmospheric pollutants between agro-ecosystems and the atmosphere. The privileged spatial scales run from the agricultural field (few hectares) to the region (several km2) with some measurements done in controlled laboratory conditions. The applicant will benefit from local expertise on crop simulation models more specifically the CERES-EGC model. He/she will also benefit from ongoing projects with the GES-N2O UMT as well as from collaborations both at the national and European scales with teams that are widely known in their expertise on modelling N2O emissions namely: Agroimpact in Laon, the Soil Science Unit in Orléans and the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research-Atmospheric Environmental Research (IMK-IFU) in Germany. He/she will have access to local and European databases (for example the CASDAR NO-GAS measurement network, the Nitroeurope, InGOS and Eclaire integrated projects).

For more information please see attached document.

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