kick-off minutes

This page contains links to the minutes of the plenary and parallel sessions at the ECLAIRE kick-off meeting in Brescia Italy, 24th-27th October, 2011.



S1 Component Introductions & S2 Cross-cutting tasks (WP 21)

Plenary Wednesday afternoon, including 1st General Assembly

Parallel Sessions

Session 3 (Tuesday AM)

S3a: Component 1 Overview

S3b: Component 2 Overview

S3c: Component 3 Overview [also contains minutes from session 4b Tue PM]

S3d: Component 4 Overview

S3e: Component 5 Overview

Session 4 (Tuesday PM)

S4a (C1 & C2): Definition of flux network program (with input from modellers) (inc common measurement protocols) [WP1,3,4,7, T21.2]

S4b (C3): Field scale manipualtion: definition of network and experiments including investigation of novel interactions. (including common measurement protocols) [WP 9-11] C3 *****[note: these minutes are merged with those of session 3c]

S4c (C4 & C5): Interlinkage C4 & C5: **Interlinkages WP14-16 (modelling carbon sequestration, species change, critical load exceedance) and WP19 (inclusion in GAINS) **Interlinkages WP14-16 with WP18 & WP20

Session 5 (Tuesday PM)

S5a (C1-C3): Common resistance modelling land-atmosphere framework [WP3,4,7,12]

S5b (C2 & C4): Past and future changes in European atmospheric import [WP5, 14] **Session merged with 5c***

S5c (C2 & C4): Interlinkages C2&C4: **Interlinkages WP14-16 (modelling carbon sequestration, species change, critical load exceedance) and WP7 (modelling air pollution exposure) **Agric and land use datasets {WP6, 14, 19} **Interlinkages WP17 (regional variation threshold exceedance) versus WP8 (regional variation air pollution exposure)

S5d (C3 & C5): Plot/process level modelling of GHG & vegetation change & valuation of ecosystem services

Session 6 (Wednesday AM)

S6a (C1 & C2): Emissions processes & upscaling [Including WP3]

S6b (C1 & C3):Interlinkages between flux and effects and measurements, including new thresholds [WP2,4,10,11]

S6c (C3-C5): Links - C3/4/5 European scales and maps [WP12-16] **Interlinkages WP14 and WP15 (modelling carbon sequestration, species change at European scale) and WP12 (same at site scale) **Interlinkages WP16 (European maps of novel threshold exceedance) versus WP13 (development/assessment of novel thresholds)

Session 7 (Wednesday AM)

S7a (C1 & C3): Links - controlled flux & effects exp.eriments including new thresholds (ozone focus) [WP2,11]

S7b (C2): Atmospheric model comparison at the European scale [WP7]

S7c (C2 & C4): Assessing Local variation in fluxes and impacts [WP 8, 17]

S7e: Harmonizing scearios [WP21.1]

Session 8 (Thursday AM)

Bosco Fontana Field Campaign Discussion


Managament Meetings

Executive Steering Group 1st Meeting


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